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About Tori Tornado

Tori Tornado inspires badassery through paper goods and gifts.


Located in the beautiful Skagit Valley, TT is a one-woman operation, empowering women to have the best relationship with themselves. Unleash the absolute badass hidden within, whether through an empowering greeting card sent to a friend or a magnet on your fridge reminding you of your exceptional existence.

A portion of each sale is donated to rebuild communities and help individuals succeed, such as Rising Strong and KIVA.

About Tori 

Tori King is the artist/owner behind Tori Tornado. After working as a graphic designer for 10 years, she shifted her focus to a more handmade approach of art and design. Every product begins with paper and pencil, then either painted with water-based mediums, or transferred to linoleum block printing. Before printing, each design is touched up in Photoshop to make it just right.

She believes life is an abundance of colorful messiness that should be celebrated through art and design. She uses these vibrant backgrounds to inspire badassery through a sweary inspirational line of paper goods and gifts.

About the Name

Tori Tornado was a nickname given to Tori when she was a bartender working at a busy sports bar. This particular establishment had a long bar top that zigged and zagged. She whipped around that place like a... tornado. 

Please contact us if you are interested in collaborations, commissions and/or licensing. 



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