About Tori Tornado

Based in the beautifully damp Pacific Northwest, Tori Tornado is a brand of art in adventure. We love all adventures, big and small, and it is our joy to create handmade artwork for all to enjoy.

All original artwork is made with water-soluble inks and paints on acid-free, recycled paper. All of our products are made and printed in the United States.



We start each design with pencil and paper, then either hand painting or transfer that sketch to a linoleum block for hand carving. Before each design gets  printed, it is uploaded into PhotoShop for small touch ups.

About Tori

After working as a graphic designer for 10 years, Tori loosened the tether of the computer to focus on handmade art and design. Mainly working in linoleum block printing, and water-based painting, she loves combining adventure and nature into whimsical, daydreamy worlds, hoping others take a minute to pause and dream.

About the Name

Tori Tornado was a nickname given to Tori when she was a bartender working at a busy sports bar. This particular establishment had a long bar top that zigged and zagged. She whipped around that place like a... tornado. While thinking of what to call her business, this nickname popped into her mind.

Please contact us if you are interested in collaborations, commissions and/or licensing. 



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