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About Tori Tornado

We specialize in smiles and giggles through art, stationery and gifts. Why you ask? Well because, the world can always use a little more silly and ridiculous things to make us smile.


We have launched a new product line of sweary inspirations that has been VERY popular! Never rude or mean, they just add a touch of spice to inspirational mantras. 

About Tori (hey, that's me)

Tori (me again), has worked as a graphic designer for 10 years. I, excuse me, she, has also worked as a bartender, childcare instructor, office manager, barista... (quite a variety) but has always been an artist at heart. Tori Tornado was born out of her funny way of looking at the world and turning it into art. She brings textures, layers and colors together with thoughts and inspiration that are not too sappy or cliché.  

About the Name

Tori Tornado was a nickname given to Tori when she was a bartender working at a busy sports bar. This particular establishment had a long bar top that zigged and zagged. She whipped around that place like a... tornado. 

Please contact us if you are interested in collaborations, commissions and/or licensing.